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“I believe in immediate theatre. I believe in a theatre that could take place everywhere. I believe in theatre for anybody and everybody.”

-Jonathon Fox

Playback Theatre History

Playback Theatre is a form of improvisational storytelling, based on feelings and stories shared by audience members. Founded in 1975 by Jonathan Fox and Jo Salas, Playback Theatre is used in educational, therapeutic, social change, and arts settings with companies on seven continents. Playback Theatre is about creating dialogue and connection through the telling, witnessing, and honoring of our life experiences, based on the principle that every story deserves to be listened to with an open ear and an open heart. We believe that listening to the stories of our community is crucial as we strive towards creating a world of compassion and inclusivity. Playback Theatre strives to bridge the divide between art and social change by providing opportunities for reflection, and empathic connection. We attempt to honor individuals’ differences while celebrating our commonalities.

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